East Tennessee Patriot Heart Riders

Welcome to the Home of East Tennessee Patriot Heart Riders

Since November 2007, the people who make up the East Tennessee Patriot Heart Riders have been honoring those who serve or have served this country. 

Mission Statement:  The East Tennessee Patriot Heart Riders always stand in honor and thanks for those who have served our country so gallantly. Our motto is “Honoring Our Heroes”.  Whether they are active duty military, veterans, police, firefighters or EMS, we stand in honor of what they do. We also help and assist the families of these devoted servants.
Who we are: The East Tennessee Patriot Heart Riders is an association of individuals who have a common "Respect" and "Honor" for those who serve our country.  We are veterans, active duty military, civilians and civil servants. Many of us are motorcyclists. Some are members of other organizations or clubs, but we are all "Patriotic Americans". We join together to stand for our heroes and their families in their time of need. Our members display support with dignity and integrity as they  honor from there heart and soul.
Qualifications for Membership: You don't have to pay dues or attend monthly meetings. There are no extenuating circumstances or extra charges. You don't have to own a motorcycle. You can participate in a car or truck (motorcyclists call them cages). We do what we do voluntarily and "From the Heart" in expressing thanks and gratitude to our "Heroes" for the sacrifices they have made and for allowing us the freedoms that we are privileged to have.

Need us?  Contact us via our website at info@etpatriotriders.org or e-mail to sunfire_tn@comcast.net .  We are here to support you.

Donations: We are not a 501(c) organization. Our members donate funds from within, enabling us to purchase plaques, dog tags, patches and other memorabilia for the families of our fallen Hero's. Charitable donations are openly accepted and greatly appreciated.

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